My drawing materials

My favorite drawing materials for realistic drawings

To make a good drawing you need good drawing materials, but quality doesn’t mean that you necessarly have to spend a lot of money. I buy materials that are a compromise between quality and price.

In the last period I am using these colored pencils and I highly recommend them because the quality is very good and they are also cheper then the prismacolor. They are super easy to blend. highly pigmentated and the colors are vibrant.

arteza colored pencils

I use Prismacolor because they are easy to blend and perfect to make portraits. If I have to make a portrait they are always my best option for the range of colors they have.

Heavy weight paper for final artwork, smooth surface perfect for fine detail work and portraits. It allows to blend the colored pencils in a professional way and to add many layers of color.

I use the Promarkers as base when I draw cartoons, clothes or objects. I love them the make the surface smooth and harmonious. These amazing markers have two nibs. The fine bullet nib is narrower, making it ideal for more precise detailing and line work. The broad nib is great for quick visuals and filling in larger areas. They are very satisfying to use and like the stabilo pens, once dry it is still possible to apply layers of colored pencils.

I always include these pens in my drawing materials everytime I want to draw a cartoon to make very precise lines. I think they are perfect for beginners becuse once the color is dry they don’t drool, for this reason it’s  easy to apply colored pencils close to the ink without make a mess.

camera gear for youtube videos


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