Luxury Art Collection of the artist Isabel Giannuzzi realized with crystals applied one by one on the canvas. The paintings are part of the Luxury Collection “Painting with stars” that recall the idea of painting using the stars instead of colors. The innovative idea of the artist comes from the need to give life to new artistic expressions through the use of new materials that give a unique value to the artistic works. The collection represents the explotion of the emotions that the spectator can prove standing in front of the beauty of the Nature, the mood of a fleeting moment, the simple and small joys of life, the feeling for the lover.

“Painting with Stars”  Luxury Art Collection

The effect of the paintings is undoubtedly of surprise and amazement, in fact it is impossible not to notice them, they would even fill an empty room, certainly not suitable for those looking for something simpler and that goes unnoticed.

“White Tiger” is an art painting 100% handmade applying crystals one by one on the canvas. Different kind of lights produce very different shades and brightness of crystals. The natural lights, high intensity lamps, lights coming from another room, compleatly change the effect of the painting, creating beautiful and different lights games and emotions.

Choosing a new painting is for sure not a simple thing to do but a choice made with the heart is for sure the best option because feelings and emotions never set.

luxury art collection paintings with crystals by isabel giannuzzi

ritratto su commissione in cristalli

Are you looking for an amazing
gift for your special person?

Choose a unique Portrait made with cristals!

This painting is an example of custom portrait, an origanl “painting with Stars” Painting from your photo.

The crystals are applied one by one on the canvas for a 100% handmade work. The application follow the lines and features of the face, building up shadows and lights.

Many canvas sizes, colors of the Crystals and backgrounds are available. If you have a special request, feel free to ask.

The artist is available for any request, subject and colors. All the paintings are customizable and unique.

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