Harry Potter

Drawing Voldemort

Drawing Voldemort
Watch the video of the drawing!

Drawing Voldemort: Colored pencils drawing of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter movies.

Materials: Prismacolor Colored Pencils and acrylic paint for the small white details.

Hey Guys! My drawing for this week is a portrait of Lord Voldemort! The most difficut things in this drawing are the light on the face and  the veins on the body.

I reproduced the light effect using the white pencil and also drawing small dots where there is the connection between the light and the shadow.

For the details I used a small brush with acrylic white paint because I didn’t find a good white pen yet. (If you have any suggestion, please tell me in a comment below!

This drawing took me 15 hours!

Voldemort Drawing

Final Result

Drawing Voldemort Art