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Drawing Lightning McQueen Cars 3

Drawing Lightning McQueen Cars 3

Drawing Lightning McQueen Cars 3. Colored pencils drawing of Lightning McQueen from the Disney Movie “Cars 3”.

In this drawing I used for the first time the markers. These amazing markers have two nibs. The fine bullet nib is narrower, making it ideal for more precise detailing and line work. The broad nib is great for quick visuals and filling in larger areas. I love these markes because They are highly pigmented.
I recommend The Letraset Promarkers because they are wonderful to work with.
In this drawing I used the marker at the bottom and the colored pencils for the shades. For the details I used the smaller nib of the promarkers, the Stabilo Point pens and the White pen Uni-Ball.


Letraset Promarker: Amazing markers that I use for the larger areas of the drawing. They are easy to use and to blend.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils: Very soft colored pencils that I use for creating a smoot texture.

Stabilo Point 88 Pen Sets: For creating the edges or details I used these amazing pens that produces very brilliant colors. In particular I used these pens for creating the edges of the mask.

Uni-Ball White Pens:  For the details and the lights.

This drawing took me 8 hours.

Watch how I draw it in the video below!

Lightning McQueen Cars 3 Drawing

Final Result


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