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Drawing Daenerys Targaryen

Drawing Daenerys Targaryen
Game of Thrones 7

Drawing Daenerys Targaryen. Colored Pencil Drawing of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in the TV Serie Game of Thrones.


Colored PencilsPrismacolor Premiere
White penUni-Ball
Paper UsedStrathmore 300 Series Bristol
Production Times24 Hours

I love Game of Thrones and I am really excited for the new season. For this reason I decided to make one or more Game of Thrones Drawings.
For the first fan art I choose Daenerys because she is my favourite Character.

I have enjoyed drawing Daenerys Targaryen because Emilia is so beautiful, she has perfect face lines.
In particular, drawing the hair has been very challenging because Daenerys has a silver blonde color of the hair and wears amazing braids.I love her hair and I tried to make it as real as possible.


Prismacolor Colored Pencils: Very soft colored pencils, with richly saturated pigments, that I use for creating a smoot texture. They are very good for blending and perfect for shading and shadows. I use these pencils expecially for the softness of the skin and the clothes.

Uni-Ball White Pens:  It really took me time to find a good white pen. At the beginning I was using white acrylic paint with a thin brush to create lights like sparkle in the eyes, teeth, hari or jewels but I was not happy with that. Now I am using this pen and I will not change it becuse it last a lot, the white is very strong and it works on top of many layers of colored pencils, which is not an easy thing to find.

Faber Castel Soft Pastels: I used these Pastel for the background.

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drawing daenerys targaryen