Realistic Drawings is a Collection of Drawings and Portraits. In some of my drawing I used not professional colored pencils, in particulare I decided to use an Italian Brand usually used by children in the schools. That was a challenge for me because it is easier to make realistic drawing using good quality colored pencils like Prismacolor but it is more difficult achieve a good result with this kind of materials. Colored pencils for children are not easy to blend and they have a very pour range of shades. This is a big problem in hyperrealistic drawings in which every single detail and every single shade makes the difference. However I think that we can reach good results even with cheaper supplies.
How to make realistic drawings?
The art of realism needs a good eye and the ability to catch shapes, shades, details, proportions. The Compliance with proportion is crucial but if you have some difficulties with that, don’t worry. You need to make practice, starting with easier subjects and using tecniques that can help you, such as the grid. This is a good way to start, when you will make improvements and you feel more comfortable with the simple drawings, you can change the subjects and try to make drawings without the grid. The Shades are also important, choose the right tonalities and blend them together.
If you are not shure, you can use a white paper and try the colored pencils on that paper, comparing them with original picture.
Last but not least, the time is the most important thing. The rush is not the way to make good realistic drawings. Realism need patience and the right time.