Marvel Drawings is a Collection of drawings from the best Marvel Superheroes. They are amazing Characters to draw because they represent SuperHeroes with astonishing powers. All of these amazing characters wear an indestructible armor with inserts in gold, silver or colored iron.
I always choose as inspiration, pictures in which these Superheroes shows their faces, and not just the armor, because I like to reproduce the soul hidden Behind all the iron and protections. The main difficult in these kind of drawings is that the drawing has to be not only a good portrait, but it should also show the character Emotions. Through the drawing, we need to see power of the character, his strenght, his energy, his vigour but also his loyalty, his integrity, even his weaknesses.
Another challenge presented by this type of drawings is to draw materials such as iron, steel and costumes made with particular fabrics, in a very realistic way.

Below you can find my Collection of Marvel Drawings and my speed drawing videos.