Drawing Movie Characters is a Collection of drawings about all the best characters from movies and tv series. Drawing Movie Characters is amazing for an Artist. It’s not just making famous people portraits but also draw the soul of the character that they play.
I love to draw characters from fanatasy movies like Harry Potter Characters or Super Heros. The Best Subjects are weird Characters with different face color or face shapes, different hair color and original dresses.

How to draw movie characters?
First of all, a good drawing needs a lot of inspiration. We need to be inspired by the Character we want to draw and we should be attracted by the picture we choose as guide. The practice is the next step: a good drawing need a lot of exercise.
Practicing our tecnique is the best way to make improvement and understand better our way to make good quality drawings. If the Drawing is not as you wish, don’t give up, try to draw the subject again, testing new tecniques or new materials.
The most important thing is to put ourselves into the shoes of the Characters we want to draw, trying to reproduce the emotions in their eyes, what they are feeling in that moment, the expression of their faces and the pose that represents who this character is.
Speaking of Drawing Movie Characters, the keyword is Details. In realistic drawings the more details you catch and reproduce on your drawing, the more real the drawing becomes.
Below you can find all my characters drawings, they can give you some ideas about some characters to draw.