Angelina Jolie Art Drawing Black and White

Art drawing Black and White Angelina Jolie
Watch the video of the drawing!

Art drawing black and white of Angelina Jolie using graphite Pencil and Caran d’Ache black pencil.


Black Pencil Caran D’ache
Paper Used Strathmore 300 Series Bristol
Format A4
Production Times 8 Hours

My drawing for this week is a black and white portrait of Angelina Jolie.

This drawing is easier then the colored pencils one. You don’t need to blend colors togerther to reach the right tonality and you don’t need so many materials to do it. Also there are not so many shades to reproduce because of the very high contrast. For all these reasons is a very good drawing to start practising If you are a beginner.

To make a good black and white drawing is very important to focus on the sketch because once the base is done good, you have already made half of the job. Be precise in the first step of the drawing so that the second step (creating shadows and lights) will be easyer. As I have already said this is an high contrast drawing, for this reason there are no middle tones and the shadows are made unsing the black pencil.

Two important tips to make good pencil drawing are:

  • The lead has to be always sharp. Every time you loose the tip make sure to sharpen the pencil again.
  • It’s very important to keep the paper clean. When we use dark colors or graphite is very important to use a light paper under our hand and start from the left to the right of the drawing to avoid to get the paper dirty.
best drawing materials

Do you want to know which colored pencils and drawing materials I use?

Art Drawing Back and White
Angelina Jolie

Final Result

art drawing black and white angelina jolie